Darryl Jones

I am very happy to have been a part of this historic trip to Cuba.I found in the place and people a deep love and respect for music,art and culture.The audiences were among the most attentive,well informed and fervent I’ve ever performed before.In Cuba, artist of all kinds are encouraged, educated and held in high regard and they are very excited about the exchange of creative ideas with musicians/artists from the US and the rest of the world.The warm welcome I received and kindnesses I experienced while there demonstrated these thoughts and feelings.I loved being there and sincerely look forward to returning soon.


Brian Tichy

It’s so weird… I got home and the first thing I did was starting cubing ham…
then I started multiplying everything by itself and then itself again.. yes.. I was Cubing ….
Then I was making drinks for friends.. I’d always put extra ice Cubes in … and I got great enjoyment
from this.. I was laughing all silly and 1/2 insane … I’d say to them… “How’s about another Cube!!!!
HAHAHAH!!!!” ….

It got one step weirder when my friend said … “Hey! Let’s go swimming!”
I said … “Hell yeah, for sure! Can we SCUBA!!”

I also got this uncontrollable desire to buy a Tuba… now that threw even me off!
It was until I realized.. whoa!!!! That rhymes with Cuba!

So…. I’m not sure what exactly happened there.. must’ve been too much time in the cigar-smoke-infested
bar drinking Cuba Libra’s with Dizzy… But all in all , I am proud to have gotten to be a part of a trek that not
many have trekked… You guys are all cool… Hope to see you, jam with you, hang with you all soon..
I am not hard to get a hold of for just about any reason..
Just remember this one important thing:
yup! C.U.B.A.!!!!!



Richard Fortus

Our experiences in Cuba were ones that I will never forget. It was such a dream come true to not only experience the beauty of Havana and the talent of the Cuban musicians, but also to play for the amazing rock fans in Cuba. The one thing that i had never dreamt, was that we would be so graciously welcomed. The shows were some of the best that we’ve played as a band. I hope that this is only the beginning of our relationship with Cuba. Thank you to all that made it so special for us.


Dizzy Reed

Rock and Roll is not dead. It is for sure alive and well and while no one can predict the future of anything including the fate of rock and roll music, we can reflect on the past and share our most recent experiences. So with great enthusiasm and overwhelming emotion I am happy to report to rock and roll fans around the world- rock and roll in Cuba kicks ass!!! Thank you to everyone in that wonderful country for a fantastic week. Cuba Libre!!!!!

Your new amigo…….Dizzy Reed


John Corabi

Wow, Cuba!!!! I had an amazing time. Every person I met was so fantastic! Whether it be the bartender at the studio or hotel, Government people, or the musicians themselves everyone was truly beautiful to us all! All of the musicians I met were so dedicated to what they do, and just LOVE music entirely. I hope to be able to go again to play, and I’ve already told my wife we MUST go visit together as tourists!!!


Bernard Fowler

From the time we landed till the time we left we were given so much love. The enthusiasm and just pure joy for the music was infectious. The Cuban spirit spirit is a live and strong and what an honor to share this experience with such talented people I got Cuba in my blood can’t get back soon enough. Rice and black beans anyone? Hell yeah!!!


Marco Mendoza

“As i Walk into my home  in L A , i have to pause for a second and realize what just happened !! i Have so much to be Gratefull for , we Live in a world of Abundance  !! From the minute we hit the ground in CUBA we were all  running in so many directions !! exiting !! challenging !! but a Blasst !  surrounded by People their hospitality and their Enthusiasm and their energy  !!  Magical, Heart warming and sometimes heart breaking !! but he people of Cuba are People of Substance driven by Passion, love and respect for humanity and the arts !! and sharing the experience with some of the most Talented People on The Planet , was definitely a highlight of my career !!  Cant wait to go back !!  ADIOS CUBA !! NOS VEMOS PRONTO !!  see you Cuba !! we will see you SOON !!”



DekiThe Bands Thoughts on CUBA