AUSTRALIAN TOUR: Week 1 Wrap up!

A week after landing in Australia, the band are in full swing with the first concert under their belts. Due to Richard Fortus’s motorcycle accident, the band were left at relatively short notice to find a suitable replacement. In stepped a friend of the Daisies in the shape of the Baby Animals Dave Leslie. After some intense rehearsals with the backbone of the band featuring Marco, Brian, Dizzy, David Lowy and John Corabi, Leslie found his niche within the group dynamic.

As with all tours, the boys are kept busy with various radio interviews. They also had a live appearance on the popular Australian Morning Show. John Corabi is here with the band for the first time and has been looking forward to the tour both with excitement and adrenalin filled energy. The first night with KISS in the Perth Arena went off to plan and then some. Just like the band had done to KISS fans all over Europe this year, they repeated the feet once more, with a high majority of KISS supporters coming out as new Daisies fans!! Week two sees the tour start for real with the rest of Australia and New Zealand.

DekiAUSTRALIAN TOUR: Week 1 Wrap up!