The amazing short film for the new single “Song And A Prayer“!

Here it is: The amazing new short film for “Song And A Prayer”! The storyline of the song put into incredibly moving pictures. Watch Ren & Grape find their way through some dark times… John comments: “This song turned out to have a special vibe to it, very accessible, which is really cool. But the lyrics are rather dark. In the end it’s about hope, it talks about all the troubles we’re all going through – and that you have to be hopeful, that you will come out of it. Always look on the positive side, that’s the message.” “Song And A Prayer” is the latest single off our new album “Make Some Noise“. All streams, all stores here.



Producers: Sally Madgwick, Benjamin Evans & Matti Crocker
Production Company: Luminare Media
Creative Concept: Sally Madgwick
Director: Damian Lang
Designer: Matti Crocker
DOP: Dan Macarthur
Editor: Karen Joseph

Alex Fitzalan (REN)
Ruby O’Kelly (GRAPE)
Curtis Bock (BOK)
Cliff Ellis (TOP HAT MAN)

Song And A Prayer - The Dead Daisies - SINGLE COVER

DekiThe amazing short film for the new single “Song And A Prayer“!

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