Seen our series “Through The Lens Of…”?

A couple of weeks ago we started a cool series, leading us through the great year the Daisies had in 2016 with killer photography by Oliver Halfin. You can read all about it here. It’s our #YearInReview on steroids, if you will, and it can be found all over our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In case you missed it, here are some kick-ass pics shot by Oliver and chosen by Oliver.


April 7, 2016, Frankfurt, Germany – First show of 2016, and the first show with Doug Aldrich! After creating “Make Some Noise” in a whirlwind of creativity, the band hit the stage for the very first time in Frankfurt, Germany at the Musikmesse music fair – with little preparation and a lot of fire! The guys got into the groove quickly over the next four days, setting the foundation for the successful touring that would follow.



April 9, 2016, Frankfurt, Germany,  – “Classy. I like this pic because it’s classy. It was taken during a crazy weekend at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, in between two shows a day, loads of interviews and finetuning the set. We did the session at the hotel, this pic ended up being one of the lead press images after Doug joined.”


LOWY OH-TDD-25-06-16-YIR_EDIT--8094 USED
May 29, 2016, Herborn, Germany – Great pic of David riffing out! Shot in front of a couple of thousand German rockers last May. The “Long Way To Go” video was filmed that day. Cool memories from a great start to the massive touring that would follow… and would be recorded for the upcoming live album “Live & Louder” ICYMI!

June 26, New York City, USA – “Three guitar attack and the guys having a good time in rehearsal. Even the drummer gets to rock out on the axe!”


OH-TDD-25-06-16-YIR_EDIT---3 John Smoke Kopie
June 25, 2016, New York City USA – „John during a rehearsal break.”

ChristofSeen our series “Through The Lens Of…”?

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