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Welcome to part three of our Live & Louder World Tour recaps! After reliving the best moments of our time in Europe and Japan, it’s about to get a little caliente up in here, as we’re heading back to Latin America with you guys! So sit back, relax, and enjoy our very favorite memories:


We arrived in São Paulo in early July and got the warmest of welcomes – despite it being winter in Brazil! First off, we played a good old acoustic set at the EM&T Music and Technology School and were able to share a little wisdom (if that’s what you want to call it) with a group of aspiring musicians. Being able to give back and seeing eager and determined artists in the making? You bet we had an amazing evening! Even more so because we were joined by our good friend Joel from Whitesnake.

Now things get a little wilder as we geared up to bring our Rock ’n’ Roll to a bigger kind of stage:
First up was an absolutely memorable night at the Opera de Arame in Curitiba, a captivating venue with a glass ceiling, which – combined with the surrounding trees and water – gave the whole thing a tropical open-air feel that we will surely never forget! A special thank you at this point to our amazing crew for all your hard work and for always getting our setup just right! You guys are the best!



Next day, we headed back to São Paulo to play Carioca Club. Since we had a little free time before our show, we went to explore the city and it truly did not disappoint – the delicious Coxinhas alone would have made the trip worth it!
The welcoming atmosphere of the city absolutely was even more tangible at our gig later that night: What a crowd! Carioca Club was packed to the brim and you guys really gave it all you had – we just couldn’t help but go a little off script: As a little tribute to all the awesome guys from the KISS Army Brazil in the crowd that night, we simply HAD to include “Parasite” by KISS!

After such memorable days we were sad to leave, but new adventures were already waiting up ahead:


By now you know we like to kick off our visits to new countries by doing a little acoustic something, which is exactly what we headed to Radio Vorterix in Buenos Aires for. We also talked a little band history on air, and John made a passionate case for the second best instrument in Rock ’n’ Roll… the cowbell. No, really, you can’t make this stuff up. The vote on vocals for the number one spot was pretty unanimous, though.

And without wanting too turn this into too much of a food review, but sweet angels of Rock, we need to talk about Argentinian steak! Especially when IN Argentina! The cuts we had were out of this world and got us fuelled right up for the fully amped up gig at Teatro Vorterix later that night, and boy did we need that… That show was insane! Everyone knew all the words and sang along as loud as they could! Thank you guys so much for the amazing energy!

Right after that, we headed to Rosario and took a tour of the beautiful National Flag Memorial. It has a truly impressive architecture, and even though we love us some beers and bikes, we also have a soft spot for the history and culture of the places we visit, so we wouldn’t want to miss that either!
By the way, has anyone else been to Rosario and experienced their amazing crowds? You guys set the venue on proverbial fire and made sure everyone had an amazing night – us included!

So many gigs, so little time… We hope we didn’t forget anything! Either way, check out this cool video documenting our time in Brazil and Argentina:


Time to move on to beautiful Chile. At this point, nobody should be surprised that our first stop was Radio Futuro 88.9 to play a typical Daisies-style acoustic performance. But for you, Chile, we even played a second one at Audio Musica, one of the largest musical instrument retailers in South America!

After those, we needed something a little less soft, maybe a little less… sweet? Ironically, Club Chocolate in Santiago de Chile turned out to be just the place for that. You guys rocked hard as hell and we appreciate each and every one of you coming out to see us play!

We spent the next day winding down and sightseeing, amongst other things visiting the impressive Cathedral Metropolitan. Take it from us: Chile is definitely worth remembering – and hopefully revisiting soon! Take a look at our favorite moments on video here:


This one has been a long time coming. We always knew we’d come visit you guys one day, but the press we got prior to our arrival was just off the charts! To be fair, our visit was long overdue, so we could feel the excitement even before getting there!


Naturally, our show at El Plaza in Mexico City took us straight to Rock Heaven! You guys seriously didn’t hold back, did you? That night was absolutely insane and we loved every second of it! Thank you so much for such an amazing show, Mexico! You were incredible! Icing on the cake: We’re still blown away by all the amazing gifts you got us! Thank you so much!


Our last stop was the finest Rock ’n’ Roll clothing store Mexico City has to offer: Toxic! We did a personal signing there and enjoyed meeting so many of our Mexican fans. Thanks for coming out to see us!

Want to see for yourself just how enthusiastic our beloved Mexican fans are? Watch this:

What a ride! That’s it from us for today, guys. The only thing left for us to say is:


We really couldn’t ask for a better gang, or a gang that rocks harder, for that matter. We had an absolutely amazing time with you guys and we’ll be back as soon as possible!
Until then, we’ll relive these memories together with you. Stay tuned for the upcoming recaps of our show at Woodstock Festival Poland and the North American leg of our tour!

So long, over & out!
The Dead Daisies


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