Doug Aldrich answers YOUR question on “Live & Louder”!

As you know, our live album “Live & Louder” is out now worldwide! Most of you have checked it out, thanks for the masses of awesome feedback. Glad you guys dig it. The whole band is proud as f**k as it really covers the sweat & beers of a real Rock show! Now all you crazy rockers out there can ask Mr. Doug Aldrich all about it. Our resident guitar hero has not only played scorching lead guitar on it, he also produced it.

Next Monday at 1pm PDT, Doug will tune in to the Daisies Facebook page and reply to your questions. Just have to post your questions into the comments, and Doug will reply to the coolest in writing. That’s your chance to get a look into the making of kickass live record!

Doug Aldrich answers your questions about “Live & Louder”!
Tune in to

Monday, May 22nd:
Los Angeles 1pm
New York 4pm
London 9pm
Berlin 10pm
Sydney 4am (May 23rd)
Tokyo 5am (May 23rd)




ChristofDoug Aldrich answers YOUR question on “Live & Louder”!

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